• The name "Saskatchewan" comes from the Cree language.
  • It means swift-flowing river .
  • Saskatchewan became a province in 1905.


  • The Saskatchewan flag is divided into two equal parts.
  • The green represents Saskatchewan's northern forests.
  • The gold section is for the golden fields of grain.
  • The provincial shield is in the top left corner.
  • The Western Red Lily is on the right side of the flag.
  • The Western Red Lily is Saskatchewan's floral emblem.
  • It became the province's official flag in 1969.
coat of arms

  • The shield of Saskatchewan has a red lion on gold background.
  • The lion represents England.
  • Below it are three wheat sheaves on green.
  • This symbolizes Saskatchewan's agriculture and resources.

  • Above the shield is a beaver holding a Western Red Lily.
  • The beaver sits on a helmet and a red and white wreath
    (national colours of Canada).
  • A crown is at the very top.
  • A lion and a White-tailed deer stand on either side of the shield.
  • The lion wears a badge with the maple leaf, Canada's emblem.
  • The deer wears a badge with the lily on it.
  • Both are wearing collars of beadwork of the Aboriginal people.

  • Western Red Lilies form the base.
  • The motto Multis e gentibus vires means "From many peoples strength".

Western Red Lily


  • This flower is the floral emblem of Saskatchewan .
  • It grows in wet places (meadows, ditches and wooded areas).
  • The flower blooms from late June to mid July.
  • It is a beautiful flower with reddish-orange blossoms.
  • When the pioneers first came to the prairies there were thousands of lilies.
  • This flower is now protected .
  • This means that you should not pick the lily.
  • It grows from a bulb so once the bulb is pulled out it can no longer grow.
  • The lily was put on the flag to remind people of wild flowers.


  • provincial symbol - wheat sheaf
  • bird - Sharp-tailed grouse
  • animal - White-tailed deer
  • fish - Walleye
  • tree - White Birch
  • grass - Needle-and-Thread grass
  • fruit - Saskatoon berry
  • mineral - Sylvite (potash)
  • sport - curling

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