The Northwest Territories once covered most of Canada's north stretching up to the North Pole. This large area was divided in 1999. The eastern part became the territory called Nunavut.

Part of the land is covered with forests. Mountains lie to the west. The mighty Mackenzie River flows through the center. The Mackenzie River Valley is an area of muskeg and swamps.

Wood Buffalo National Park

The western part of the N.W.T. is a land of rivers and valleys, mountains, glaciers and canyons.

Nahanni National Park

Nahanni National Park is home to many species of wildlife including the wolf, Dall's sheep, black and grizzly bear, golden eagle and trumpeter swan.

Nahanni National Park

Banks Island has river canyons and desert-like badlands. Musk-oxen roam about the hills and valleys of the Thomsen River

Banks Island

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