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In the early days women had to be able to sew. Most of the clothes that the settlers wore were homemade. People did not have many clothes and could not afford store-bought clothes. For everyday wear they had work clothes. They also had an outfit for church and special occasions. Clothing was never thrown away but "handed down" to younger brothers and sisters. Girls were taught to sew, knit and do other fancy work like embroidery.

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Women and girls wore long dresses with long sleeves. They had petticoats under their dresses and wore aprons to protect their dresses when they worked. The apron was also used to carry things like vegetables, wood or eggs. A full apron was called a "pinafore". Some pinafores had frills on the straps or along the bottom of the apron. Bonnets with wide brims protected their heads from the sun. For footwear they wore long stockings and shoes that laced up. In very cold weather they wore two dresses or extra petticoats under a dress.

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The work clothes for men and boys were pants with suspenders and long sleeved shirts. For protection from the sun they wore straw hats. On very cold days the men also wore woolen underwear. For good wear the men might have a suit jacket, trousers, vest, a good shirt and a felt hat.

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General stores sold bolts of material. Some of the fabrics sold included flannel, cotton, gingham, denim, wool, linen and muslin. Dyes, buttons, pins, scissors, needles and thread could be bought at the store as well as ready-made clothing, hats and shoes.

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By the 1890s sewing machines
were available for home use


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