Saskatchewan Social Studies Curriculum - Grade 4 - link

    IN4.2 the origins of the cultural diversity in Saskatchewan communities.

  • traditional locations of the various First Nations tribes and language groupings prior to European contact
  • ways in which First Nations peoples supported the survival of early European newcomers
  • challenges faced by First Nations peoples, Métis people and immigrants .
    DR4.1 the impact of the land on the lifestyles and settlement of the people in the province

  • locations of the First Nations peoples (the Plains)
  • geography of the area affects their way of life
    DR4.2 The relationship of First Nations and Métis peoples with the land.

  • traditional lifestyles of First Nations peoples - hunting, gathering, following sources of food
    DR4.3 Implications of the Treaty relationship in Saskatchewan.

  • conditions which precipitated Treaty negotiations in Saskatchewan