JOHN DIEFENBAKER John Diefenbaker (1895 - 1979) was born in Ontario, but his family moved to Borden,Saskatchewan in 1903, when John was 8 years old. He was elected to Parliament thirteen times (1940 - 1979) until his death in 1979. As leader of the Progressive Conservative party, he became Canada's Prime Minister in 1957. He was Canada's 13th Prime Minister from 1957 to 1963. He introduced the Canadian Bill of Rights and extended the vote to include Native peoples. During his time as Prime Minister he was also the first to appoint a woman to the federal cabinet. The Diefenbaker Canada Center in Saskatoon (at the University of Sask.) contains his official papers and collections and replicas of his office and the Privy Council Chamber. The Diefenbaker Homestead is on the grounds of Wascana Park in Regina near the Legislative Building.

SARAH RAMSLAND Sarah was the first woman in Sask. to be elected to the Legislature ( 1919 ) . Her husband (who was the Liberal MLA for Pelly ) passed away during a flu epidemic in 1918, and she decided to continue his work. She is known for urging the province to mark its historic sites.

LINDA HAVERSTOCK Linda Haverstock was the first woman to lead a political party in Sask. In 1989 she was elected the leader of the Liberal party, remaining leader until 1996. She was appointed lieutenant governor of Sask. in 1999.

SYLVIA FEDORUK Sylvia Fedoruk was a member of a Canadian curling team which won provincial and Canadian championships . She was the first woman to serve as the Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan. (1988 to 1994.) She was also part of the U of S research team for cancer treatment. Fedoruk was born in 1927 in Canora.

TOMMY DOUGLAS Tommy Douglas was the longest-serving premier of Sask. ( from 1944 - 1961 ) He was a Baptist minister who led the CCF party to victory in 1944. During his 17 years as premier, he brought electrical services to rural areas, paved many roads and was responsible for many other reforms. He is often referred to as "The Father of Medicare".

The following people (born in Saskatchewan) served as Governor General of Canada -

JEANNE SAUVÉ (1922-1990) was born in Prud'homme. She was a journalist and broadcaster, then entered politics in 1972 serving as Liberal MP for Montreal. She became the first female Speaker of the House (1980) and the first female Governor General of Canada (1984-1990).

RAY HNATYSHYN (1934 - 2002) was born in Saskatoon where he practised law, then became PC MP in 1974. In 1990 he was appointed Governor General and served till 1995. He was the first Ukrainian Governor General of Canada.


GLENN HALL ( born in Humboldt, Sask. ) hold the NHL record for the most consecutive games by a goal tender. He played 502 consecutive games, playing with Detroit, Chicago, and St. Louis.

GORDIE HOWE ( born in Floral, Sask. ) hold the NHL record for the most regular-season games played . He played 1,767 in 26 seasons from 1946 to 1980

DICK IRVIN Jr. (born in Regina) was a well known sports broadcaster who called the hockey games for CBC's Hockey Night in Canada. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1988 (as a broadcaster)

MAX BENTLY ( born in Delisle ) earned the name Dipsy Doodle Dandy because of his speed and great skills. He played 12 seasons with Chicago and Toronto (between 1940 - 1954 )

HAYLEY WICKENHEISER ( born in Shaunavon ) is an Olympic gold medallist in women's hockey. Wickenheiser has been a member of the Canadian National team since 1995, winning the silver medal at the 1998 Winter Olympic Games, the gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympic Games and a gold medal at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.

Other hockey notables include Bryan Trottier (Val Marie), Wendell Clark (Kelvington), Eddie Shore (Fort Qu'Appelle), Johnny Bower (Prince Albert), Doug Wickenheiser (Regina) and Theoren Fleury (Oxbow).

The sport of CURLING became popular in the early 1900s.
At first, the "rocks" were blocks of wood cut from tamarack trees.
Frozen rivers were the sheets of ice.

ERNIE RICHARDSON was the skip of a men's curling team which included his brother and cousins. They won four Briers ( Canadian curling championship for men ) and four World titles (1959,1960,1962,1963). Ernie was born in Stoughton, Sask. in 1931.

SANDRA SCHMIRLER'S team from Saskatchewan won the first ever Olympic gold medal in women's curling at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. The team won many women's curling championships (provincial, national and world).The Schmirler team included Jan Betker, Joan McCusker and Marcia Gudereit. Schmirler died of cancer. (1963-2000)


CATRIONA LE MAY DOAN - Canada's first gold medal in women's speedskating ( 500 m. race) at the Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, 1998; She also won a gold medal in the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City.
GEORGE GENEREUX - gold medal in trap shooting in the 1952 Olympic Games
EARL THOMSON - gold medal in track and field in the 1920 Olympics
ETHEL CATHERWOOD - gold medal in high jump in 1928



BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE(1941- ) is a singer/songwriter who became well known for her songs - Universal Soldier, Up Where We Belong, and Until It's Time for You to Go. She was born on the Piapot Reserve. She started out as a folksinger. Her songs have been recorded by famous singers.

JONI MITCHELL (1943- ) is singer/songwriter who grew up in Saskatoon. She wrote several hit songs ( Both Sides Now, Big Yellow Taxi, Raised on Robbery and Circle Game). She began her career as a folksinger in Toronto coffeehouses. Her songs have been recorded by other popular artists. Ms. Mitchell has received many awards.

COLIN JAMES (1965- ) is a musician (blues, rock and swing guitarist) and singer/songwriter. He was born and raised in Regina. By age 14 he was playing in a band. At age 19 he moved to Vancouver. In 1984 his band opened for Stevie Ray Vaughn on several tours. In 1998 he earned a Juno Award for Best Blues recording. Some of his hits are Voodoo Thing, Five Long Years, and Why'd You Lie?

TOM JACKSON (1948- ) is a successful actor best known for his role on North of 60, a CBC drama. He is an award winning musician and has been awarded the Order of Canada. For the past 13 years, his "Huron Carole Concert" tour raised money for the food banks. He was born on the One Arrow Reserve near Batoche.

GORDON TOOTOOSIS (1941-2011) has starred in many movies and television series. He was Cree by birth, and grew up on the Poundmaker Reserve.

LESLIE NIELSEN (1926-2010 ) was born in Regina. The famous actor starred in many movies and made many tv appearances. He's well known for his comedy roles in Airplane and the Naked Gun movies.

ART LINKLETTER (1912- 2010) was born in Moose Jaw. He was a radio and television star for over 60 years. He is best known for his performances in the long running programs People are Funny and House Party. Art Linkletter has written many books including a best seller Kids Say the Darndest Things.

JOHN VERNON (1932-2005) appeared in several movies. He was born in Zehner, SK which is near Regina. Some of the movies he was in are National Lampoon's Animal House, Dirty Harry, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Point Blank, Ernest Goes to Camp and the tv series Wojeck.

BRENT BUTT (1966- ) was born in Tisdale. He was named Best Male Stand-up Comedian at the Canadian Comedy Awards in 2001. In 2004, he won two Canadian Comedy Awards. Brent is the creator, star and executive producer of the television comedy series Corner Gas.

ERIC PETERSON (1946- ) was born in Indian Head. He is renowned for his roles in the Canadian television series - Corner Gas (Oscar Leroy), Street Legal and This is Wonderland . He is also a noted theatre actor, has appeared in many television progams and has won four Gemini awards.


W.O. MITCHELL (1914 - 1998) wrote stories about life on the prairies. His work was broadcasted on radio. His works include Jake and the Kid, Who Has Seen the Wind?, The Devil's Instrument and The Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon. His home town was Weyburn.

MARIA CAMPBELL (1940 - ) was born in northern Saskatchewan. Some books she has written are Achimoona about the Cree Indians; Halfbreed an autobiography of her struggles as a Metis woman; Little Badger and the Fire Spirit and People of the Buffalo


ALLAN SAPP (1929- ) of North Battleford is a world-famous Plains Cree artist whose paintings refelct his memories of growing up on the Red Pheasant Indian Reserve in Saskatchewan. His art is exhibited in galleries around the word. His art gallery is in North Battleford. He has received many awards.

JOE FAFARD (1942- ) is a well-known artist and sculptor who lives and works in Regina. He has received many awards and medals including the Order of Canada (1981) and the Saskatchewan Order of Merit (2002). His bronze work is displayed across Canada. Fafard's "cows" have become a trademark of his work. Three cows stand in front of the MacKenzie Art Gallery. His works are in many galleries in Canada and around the world. Famous people have his works in their collections (Bill Cosby, Oprah). Joe Fafard was born in Ste. Marthe, Sask.

YVETTE MOORE ( ) is a renowned artist and illustrator. She paints prairie scenes. She has illustrated the following books - "A Prairie Alphabet", "A Prairie Year" and "Heartland, A Prairie Sampler". Her gallery in Moose Jaw showcases works of prairie artists. Yvette was born and raised in the rural community of Radville.



She is one of the best-known female broadcast journalists in Canada. Pamela was born in Wadena, Sask in 1953. She has worked on national television networks and has hosted and produced tv programs (Maclean's TV, Pamela Wallin Live, Pamela Wallin's Talk TV, etc.). Ms. Wallin has interviewed many people and has also written books. She has received honourary degrees and awards. From 2002 to 2006 she was Canada's Consul General in New York City. In 2008 she was appointed to the Senate of Canada.


He is a journalist who has served as a news anchor and correspondent for national TV networks in Canada as well as in the US. Keith has covered stories worldwide and has interviewed many people. He was born in Lloydminster, SK.


Allan was born in Hearne, Sask. (about 70 km sw of Regina) in 1934. He has visited and reported from many countries including the United States, Soviet Union, China and Africa. His political columns appear in newspapers and magazines, including the Maclean's Magazine and the Globe and Mail. Mr. Fotheringham has won journalism awards and has published books.


He was born in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. He was an investigative journalist who became the host of the CBC's the fifth estate from 1976 to 1990. He moved to CTV to host W-FIVE. He received a Gemini Award, six ACTRA Awards, three Gordon Sinclair awards for excellence in broadcast journalism.



Grey Owl (1888 - 1938 ) whose real name was Archibald Belaney, was born in England . When he was 18 (1906) he came to Canada to live in the wilderness. He became very involved in wildlife conservation and was especially concerned for the beavers, which were being over-trapped for their furs. In 1931, Grey Owl and his wife moved into a log cabin named "Beaver Lodge" on the shore of Ajawaan Lake in Prince Albert National Park. They shared the cabin with two pet beavers named Jelly Roll and Rawhide. The beavers built their lodge inside the cabin, over a hole that led to the water. Grey Owl wrote articles and books, and travelled on speaking tours about nature and wildlife conservation. Many visitors go to see Grey Owl's cabin which still stands in Prince Albert National Park.


The Willow Bunch Giant (1881 - 1904 ) grew to be 2.51 meters tall (8 ft. 3 in.) even though he was a normal size when he was born. He went on tour and appeared as a strong man in circus-type shows. He died of tuberculosis at the age of 23. The Willow Bunch Musuem has a life- size model of him and a display including his bed.


Vance Petriew is an amateur astronomer from Regina who discovered a comet while stargazing (August, 2001) in Cypress Hills. The comet was named Comet Petriew. It appears in the summer sky every five years. Petriew is the first person in Saskatchewan and only the eighth Canadian to discover a comet.


Dr. Williams was born in Saskatoon in 1954. He is a physician (doctor), has done research and is also an astronaut. Dr. Williams was on the Shuttle Columbia in January 1998 for a sixteen day mission to study the effects of microgravity on the brain and nervous system.. He is involved in studies of how astronauts adjust to life in space.

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