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    in Canada and the US THANKSGIVING
  • in Canada
  • in the USA

links to other sites THANKSGIVING LINKS
  • history and information
  • fun, activities
  • arts and crafts
  • graphics for web pages

about wild turkeys WILD TURKEYS
  • information
  • appearance (photos)
  • food (diet)
  • where they live

raising turkeys on farms TURKEY FARMS
  • domestic turkeys
  • life on a turkey farm
  • from egg to store
  • photos

plenty of facts about turkeys TURKEY FACTS
  • history
  • interesting information
  • turkeys long ago
  • turkey habits
  • turkey meat

worksheets, puzzles about turkeys WORKSHEETS
  • turkey facts (true or false)
  • the turkey story (put in order)
  • turkey products (scrambled words)
  • puzzles

jokes and music GOBBLER GROANERS
  • jokes
  • song - Turkey in the Straw

fall line

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