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How carefully did you read the page called "Turkey Facts"?
Print out this sheet and answer the questions (true or false).
Then check your answers here.

____ 1. Christopher Columbus brought the first turkeys to America.

____ 2. The wild turkey nearly disappeared by the 1600s.

____ 3. Turkeys are raised year round in barns.

____ 4. Turkeys raised on farms look the same as wild turkeys.

____ 5. Wild turkeys can fly and run quickly.

Holiday Clipart

____ 6. Wild turkeys sleep in nests.

____ 7. A turkey's head can change color.

____ 8. Baby turkeys are called chicks.

____ 9. Turkeys have beards.

____ 10. Male turkeys strut about pretending that they are hurt.

____ 11. Turkeys are related to peacocks.

____ 12. A group of turkeys is called a flock.

____ 13. Turkeys can't hear well because they have no ears.

____ 14. More turkeys are eaten at Christmas than any other holiday.

____ 15. Astronauts ate turkey on the moon.

Holiday Clipart


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